I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden…

That is what my husband sung to me when we first moved to our house, and yet, he gave me one. The most perfect and beautiful garden roses he found on FamousRoses.eu are now risen on my back yard, the place where I love to spend my summer days.

He knew I was in love with roses probably from the first time we met 10 years ago on the flower market from our little town. I knew I am into flowers, especialy roses when I realized I have the talent and the ability to creat something with them, something people love and make them happy, like flower arrangments and bouquets.

Our honney moon was also about roses, a lot of roses, Bulgarian roses. We spent our honney moon in Balcic, a small town in Bulgaria near queen Mary’s Castle famous for its flower garden, with more de 2000 species of plants, most of them roses. It is well known that roses are sort of a symbol for Bulgaria. There you can find there lots of creams, parfumes made of roses, even wine.


When we started looking for a house to make it our home, my first interest was for the yard. I needed a place where my dream for roses’ garden could come true. I love all sorts of roses even if they are red, white, yellow, orange or purple. I don’t have a colour that I like the most but I kind of have a preference for climbing roses.

I like how they climb the wall of my house and I like how they dress the fence that sorounds my property. Climbing roses have the ability of giving heights to the garden and they make me fell like living in a house from one of those little English villages I see in the movies. These type of roses, are in my opinion, the most elegant one, and they give you the possibility to do many sorts of arrangments with them.

You need to be a documented person, so you can take very good care of the climbing roses, but trust me when I tell you that with these sort of roses can make your back yard look exactly like those in the magazine design you like so much.

And the smell, let me tell you about the smell that makes me feel like living every day in a fairy tail especialy when I listen to Lynn Anderson’s song and I have got to the gate of a horn that even if he didn’t promised a rose garden he gave me that, by buying for our every anniversary roses to plant into the garden that in time became my confort zone, my bussiness and even more….

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